Custom Diamond Rings

Custom Diamond Rings

Custom Designed, Hand Crafted, Bespoke Engagement Rings and Jewellery

When Personal Taste and Individuality – Not Conformity – Are the Ultimate Badges of Style

What sets Diamond Exchange Canada apart from jewellery stores and other on-line jewellery retailers is that we also make one-of- a-kind custom designed and hand-crafted, bespoke diamond engagement rings and jewellery, at extremely competitive prices.

We understand it may be a bit daunting or even overwhelming to design or create a custom bespoke engagement ring when there are so many things involved in the thought process… What diamond or ring style does she like? What diamond shape is the perfect for her ring finger? Which ring style works best for her lifestyle?

It’s understandable to feel there is an overwhelming amount of information to think about regarding your engagement ring; diamonds, metals, design styles, comfort, maintenance, and more! However, Our Diamond and Jewellery Experts are not salesmen. We strive to offer the absolute best, most patient and most honest customer service possible.

We are committed to help you understand all the diamond and ring style options available within your expectations and budget, so you can make an educated and well informed decision on which diamond and/or engagement ring style is perfect for you and your Loved One.

Our Diamond and Jewellery Experts can help you decide on the best diamond, metal and engagement ring style for your budget and lifestyle. We'll guide you through the process of creating the perfect engagement ring or piece of jewellery - all from the comfort of your home.

If you think that custom-designed, bespoke jewellery is reserved for movie stars and the elite, or you cannot have the ring you want because you have a unique taste in jewellery, think again.

Custom designed, bespoke jewellery is what we do best, particularly for those engagement ring and jewellery buyers who are unable to find exactly what they’re looking for, but have a specific idea of what they want and can provide pictures or describe their perfect ring to one of our Diamond and Jewellery Experts.

Thinking of Buying a Custom Designed Engagement Ring or Wedding Band? It’s as simple as A. B. C. Here's how the custom design and crafting process for your diamond engagement ring or piece of jewellery works:

  • Consult our Diamond Exchange Canada Diamond and Jewellery Experts: by email (, or; Phone Toll Free on: 1866-339- 9988, or; make an appointment to meet at our Toronto offices, so we can help you to:

    • A. Select the Diamond(s): Diamond Exchange Canada Diamond and Jewellery Experts will assist you in selecting the diamond that is perfect for you and the style of jewellery or engagement ring you like;
    • B. Designing Your Jewellery or Custom Engagement Ring: Your Diamond Exchange Canada Diamond and Jewellery Expert will help you design your one-of- a-kind piece. We will either sketch designs or assist you in creating a design that may be similar to an engagement ring or piece of jewellery you have seen elsewhere.
      Our manufacturing facility can create any ring, custom designed and hand-crafted to your specifications, or; We can redesign an existing engagement ring or jewellery style. Simply email us ( some pictures and/or a detailed description of the types of mounts/settings you are interested in and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.
    • C. Crafting Your Custom Engagement Ring or Piece of Jewellery: Our manufacturing facility will create a 3D computer rendering of your engagement ring or jewellery design, from which a “mold” for your engagement ring or piece of jewellery is 3D printed.
      The 3D computer rendering is provided to you, so you can approve our design, prior to us casting your engagement ring or piece of jewellery.

  • Once we receive your approval, your unique, Custom Designed, Bespoke Jewellery or Engagement Ring is “grown” using an advanced computer-aided design 3D printing process. Whereas a traditionally hand-illustrated ring is typically translated into hand-carved “wax model”, a Computer Aided Design (CAD) jewellery model is used to 3D print an exact mould to be used in the casting process.

Example of a 3D CAD Custom Engagement Ring Design:

Please Note: CAD engagement ring designs tend to appear “chunkier” than the actual finished ring will look after the engagement ring casting has been cleaned and polished, and the diamonds have been set, with the claws folded over.

Diamond Exchange Canada offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so we will ensure your finished engagement ring looks like the one you’ve always dreamed of.

If our customer’s references and testimonials are any indication, the final product is more beautiful than anything they ever anticipated.

Tips for Selecting Your Diamond and Getting the Best Value for Money:

  • Firstly; Decide what is most important to you. If you have a strict price range in mind, you may need to “compromise” depending on which of the “4 's” (Carat Weight, Colour, Clarity, and Cut) is most important to you.
  • Secondly; It’s very import to consider that a diamond’s “Brilliance is in the Cut” and that “Cut Quality” is scientific; it is not a matter of personal of taste. The light performance and light return of a diamond, comprised of “Brilliance” (white light returning to the eye), “Fire” (the dispersion of colors you see in a diamond’s reflections), and; “Scintillation” or what is commonly referred to as “Sparkle” (sparkling flashes that are seen when the stone, light source, or the viewer moves), depends more on its cut quality than anything else. People often think of a diamond’s “cut” as its shape (e.g. round, cushion, oval, pear, princess, etc.), but it actually refers to the diamond's proportions (girdle, crown angles, crown height, depth and table percentages, etc.) and whether the diamond returns, reflects and refracts a maximum amount of light. So “cut” might be one thing worth not compromising on if you want a diamond with maximum “sparkle.” Diamond Exchange Canada recommends selecting diamonds with “very good”, “excellent” or “ideal” cut quality.
  • Thirdly; Depending on availability, diamonds that are just under the “per carat price increase points”, i.e. one carat, one-and- a-half carats, two carats, etc. It's nearly impossible for anyone other than a diamond expert to tell the difference between two diamonds that are very close in size. For example, a 1.01-carat diamond may cost as much as 20 percent more than a 0.98-carat diamond, even though they look practically the same size to the naked untrained eye.

Be prepared to do a little detective work on what style of diamond or engagement ring your fiancée likes or prefers to wear:

Be prepared to answer some very specific questions, including whether she likes halos or pave set diamonds or solitaire rings. There are many styles of engagements rings shown on our website under “Engagement Rings” so please feel free to browse our website for inspiration.

This might be obvious, but it's worth mentioning that you can show or email us photos of rings that you like, but please consider that due to copyright restrictions we cannot exactly replicate existing styles or other brands — it must be a completely original design or we can custom design your ring in an equivalent or similar style….and please don’t forget to try to find out her exact ring finger size. Ring re-sizing is free of charge however it is always best to craft the ring to the correct ring size from the outset.

Guys, if you prefer to surprise your bride-to- be by picking out the ring on your own, then you will really have to be cunning. Look for an existing costume jewellery or ring that she wears often. Get a feel for her everyday jewellery. Does she own mostly white gold or yellow gold or rose gold or platinum jewellery? Has she talked about one day wanting to own a particular a style of ring in a specific metal? Do her pieces tend to be more simple or ornate? Consider her lifestyle as well. If she has a job that's very hands-on or she's the outdoorsy type, then a setting with a lower profile might be a more practical choice than one with a higher stone. When you are not really 100% sure of what she likes, we recommend proposing with a classic solitaire band.

For ideas and inspiration for your custom designed diamond engagement ring, check out our diamond catalogue and our engagement ring catalogue by following the links below.

How long will it take to complete a custom-made bespoke ring?

It usually takes about 4 weeks to complete a custom-made bespoke ring; including selection and importing of the diamond and discussing the design, another 10 days to create your design, a few days for revisions (if necessary), around 10 days in production, and one or two days to ship the ring to you. We encourage you to take your time during the entire custom ring or jewellery design and crafting….and it is absolutely encouraged that you ask whatever questions you may need answered to make an informed decision.

If you have a specific date that you need your diamond ring or jewellery completed by, please inform us accordingly during your discussion with our diamond and jewellery expert and we can usually accommodate any reasonable requests. We offer a “rush” service for urgent requests whereby your order is processed immediately rather put into the production queue which guarantees delivery by a specific date. THE MINIMUM PERIOD OF TIME REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A CUSTOM-MADE RING or PIECE OF JEWELLERY is 10 business days.

How much will my engagement ring or piece of jewellery cost?

Since every diamond engagement ring and or piece of jewellery that we custom make is unique it is difficult to quote a price without knowing:

  1. The metal type the ring is to be crafted in (i.e. 14 or 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum)
  2. The ring finger size
  3. Diamond Shape(s) you desire (Round Brilliant; Cushion; Princess; Pear; Oval; Radiant, etc.)
  4. Carat Weight (Range or Minimum)
  5. Colour, i.e.: Colourless (D – F) / Near-Colourless (G – H) / Slight Colour (I – J) / Fancy Coloured, etc.
  6. Clarity, i.e.: Small Imperfections (SI1 – SI2) / Very Small Imperfections (VS1 – VS2) / Near-Flawless (VVS1 – VVS2) / Flawless (FL – IF), etc.
  7. Cut Quality (the most important of the “4 C’s” when considering any diamond, as it is the primary factor that determines a diamond’s brightness and sparkle)
  8. Grading Certificate / Lab Preference (if any)
  9. Other Characteristics That Are Important to You (i.e.: Fluorescence / Polish and Symmetry / Table and Depth %’s / Dimensions, etc.)
  10. Your budget for the engagement ring or piece of jewellery

Our diamond and jewellery experts are however able to provide you with an estimated cost for your custom-made ring during a consultation with you and once they have an idea of what you are looking for. We can however assure you that your diamond engagement ring or piece of jewellery will be far less expensive than you would expect to pay at a retail jewellery store.

Furthermore, all of our diamonds have been independently graded and certified by One of the Four the Largest, Most Respected and Strictest Gem Labs in the World. Jewellery stores will often provide their own “in-house” grades and/or local appraisals, as opposed to a respected certification from an independent gem lab, like GIA, so they can exaggerate the quality of their diamonds’ colour, clarity and cut.

When do I need to pay?

All consultations and preliminary artwork based on the discussions you have with our diamond and jewellery expert including quotes for any diamonds and or ring styles you may be interested in, are free of charge.

Furthermore, we will recommend diamond options for your custom-made engagement ring or piece of jewellery and email you their Independent Diamond Grading Certificates; along with a Magnified Pictures and/or 360° Video of the actual diamonds for your perusal free of charge.

When you decide to go ahead with a specific ring design or style of ring and you have selected the diamonds to be set into it, we will provide you with a final quote for the ring.

Upon acceptance of the final quote we will email you payment options and upon receipt of your payment we will start designing your diamond engagement ring or piece of jewellery.

When do I get to see a design?

You will receive the 3D CAD renderings of your ring within 7 to 10 business days of receipt of your payment.

Is Custom Jewellery more expensive?

Our diamonds and jewellery are to the highest standard, however because we need to compete on in international market place rather than on a local level, the buying experience is unique in that our custom made bespoke jewellery is designed and crafted to exceptionally high standards yet selling on-line our prices are much lower than traditional jewellers.

If you are purchasing an engagement ring or piece of jewellery, you now have the opportunity to purchase a one of a kind “custom made” engagement ring or piece of jewellery made especially for you or your loved one that will last a lifetime and cost you less than a mass produced piece of jewellery.

What is our return policy?

We take pride in our craftsmanship and diamond quality and will go to great lengths to ensure that your engagement ring or piece of jewellery is exactly what you want and expect. Firstly, we only cast your jewellery piece after you email us your approval to proceed in accordance with the 3D CAD renderings that we have emailed you. Secondly, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that we will do whatever necessary to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase once you receive it.

Because all of our engagement rings or pieces of jewellery are custom made, there is no return or refund once you have confirmed the order. Engagement rings or pieces of custom made jewellery cannot be returned for a refund and orders cannot be cancelled once they are in production. If you are unhappy with any aspect the crafting of your engagement ring or piece of jewellery once you receive it, we guarantee that it will be resolved to the best of our ability; even if the ring needs to be remade due to faulty workmanship or misinterpretation of your design instructions. Furthermore, we offer a lifetime maintenance guarantee to give you the peace of mind that any maintenance issues, for example: re-sizing at any time, cleaning and re-polishing and or replacement of any small pave set diamonds which may become loose or even lost (not including the centre diamond) are covered free of charge.