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Terms of Trade

Advantages of Buying from Diamond
  • PRICE: We have the highest quality diamonds in the world, sourcing from the same cutters and polishers as some ultra-high end retailers, at 50 – 80% less than jewellery store prices. There are no hidden fees, duties or brokerage charges and you do not have to go through the risk and hassle of independently importing your diamond;
  • 14 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If your diamond is not as described in the independent grading report and any correspondence from us, you may return the diamond with 14 days for a full refund or an exchange.
  • TRUST: All of our diamonds are guaranteed to be ethically mined and conflict free, and; the “4-C’s” (Carat Weight, Colour, Clarity and Cut) of our diamonds are independently graded and certified to the strictest diamond grading standards in the world by the 4 most respected, third party, international Gemological Laboratories (GIA, AGS, IGI and EGL USA). Jewellery stores will often issue their own “in-house” and/or local appraisals, as opposed to a respected, independent, international laboratory certification, so they can exaggerate the quality of their diamonds’ colour, clarity and cut.
  • LIFE-TIME WARRANTEE: Life-time Upgrade Policy for all GIA certified, 0.50+ carats, excellent and ideal cut round brilliant, cushion and princess diamonds, and; a Life-Time Warrantee that includes FREE re-sizing, cleaning and re-polishing for the life of your Diamond Exchange ring.
  • FREE DELIVERY: for purchases over CAD $1,500 within Canada to metropolitan areas;
  • SECURITY: One of our Diamond Jewellery Experts will personally guide you throughout the entire buying experience, and you are dealing with one of the world’s most respected diamond jewellery companies, thereby ensuring that your financial interests are always secure.
  • PERSONALISED SERVICE: Create your own jewellery design or customise your diamond setting into a unique work of art that’s been specially crafted especially for you or your loved one. Our jewellery design service will provide you with a computer rendering of your custom jewellery design for your approval prior to manufacturing, and Diamond Exchange customer service staff are always available to help you if you are not sure of your choice. Contact an experienced diamond professional for personal service and attentive help in finding your ideal diamond and/or ring:

TOLL FREE: 1866-339-9988

How to Order Your Diamond / Diamond Jewellery:
  • If you are interested in purchasing any of the diamonds at, either as a loose diamond or set in a ring or any jewellery you desire, simply email us or phone toll free on 1866-339-9988 with the catalogue number(s), along with your preferred method of payment and desired delivery address (unless pick-up from our offices is preferred).
  • We will email you the total amount, including payment instructions for wire transfer that you can simply print out and take to your local bank, or you may deliver a bank draft / certified cheque to our downtown Toronto offices. If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, please note there is a 3% surcharge for VISA and MasterCard payments and 5% for AMEX.
  • Your diamond will be delivered to your nominated address by FedEx priority courier within five to seven business days of the date you place your order and make payment. Please allow a further five to seven business days to manufacture a custom ring. If you require your diamond or diamond jewellery by a specific date or your order is urgent, please inform us accordingly ASAP and we would be happy to accommodate any reasonable requests.
  • If it is convenient, you have the option of picking up your diamond or diamond jewellery at our office. The advantage of picking up at our office is that you have the benefit of consulting with one of our diamond and jewellery experts and having the reassurance of appraising your diamond with the aid of our 10 x magnifying loupe and diamond grading tools. Our diamond and jewellery experts are happy to answer any questions you may have about your diamond, and in the unlikely event that you may wish to return your diamond, exchange it for another diamond or request a refund, we can immediately attend to your request.
  • We offer a 14 day, money back guarantee in case your diamond is not as described in the independent grading report and any correspondence from us, so if you order a diamond and it is not as advertised, you can return it to us within 14 days for a full refund or an exchange.
  • If you are unsure about your choice, please contact Diamond Exchange Customer Service by email or phone toll free on 1866-339-9988 for expert free advice. We are happy to use our expertise to help with your decision.

Our Terms of Trade:
  • The diamond price quoted on the web is fixed for 24hrs from the time you express your interest to us and may be subject to change thereafter. Our margins are the lowest in Canada and rarely change. However, we sell diamonds all over the world, so our diamonds are priced in U.S. dollars, and then the local currency exchange rate is applied. Therefore, slight changes in our diamond prices are almost always due to fluctuations in the USD / CAD exchange rate.
  • Delivery is FREE for purchases over $1,500 within Canada to metropolitan areas:
  • We use FedEx Priority Overnight Courier and FREE delivery applies to all orders over $1,500 shipped to metropolitan areas within Canada. Shipping and handling fee of $80.00 applies for orders under $1,500.00 within Canada and shipments to rural areas. A $200.00 shipping and handling fee applies to deliveries within the U.S.A. and $300 for international deliveries and/or overseas shipments.
  • Please allow approx. 5 – 7 business days for delivery of your diamond. If you have also ordered a custom ring / jewellery, please allow an additional 5 to 7 business days for delivery of your order. Delivery can be expedited in most cases, so if there is a particular date you have in mind, please email us ASAP or phone toll free on 1866-339-9988. We are happy to fulfill any reasonable and possible requests.
  • If you are in the Toronto area you have the option of picking up your diamond direct from our Toronto or Mississauga offices:
  • When your diamond is available at our Toronto or Mississauga office, we will contact you to make arrangements for you to pick up your purchase. If your diamond is being shipped to you, you will be notified of FedEx priority courier dispatch and provided a FedEx tracking number that you can use to track your order at

Payment options and confirmation of purchase:
  • Once you have decided on the diamond you with to purchase, simply place your order by emailing the stock number(s) to or phone Toll Free: 1866-339-9988.
  • We will email you the total amount and include payment instructions to set up a wire transfer (simply print out and take to your local bank). Wire transfer payments are quick and easy, and funds normally arrive immediately, meaning we can start processing your order straight away.
  • Alternatively, you may deliver a Bank Draft or Certified Cheque to our downtown Toronto office, if that is more convenient for you.
  • If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, we accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX Credit Card payments . Please email us or phone toll free on 1866-339-9988 to request details on how to make a Credit Card payment with us over the phone or through our on-line shopping cart. We charge a 3% administration charge for VISA and MasterCard payments and a 5% administration charge for AMEX.
  • If you are paying by wire transfer, your diamond / diamond jewellery is considered to have been purchased only after confirmation of receipt of funds by our bank (RBC). Bank draft / certified cheques must be verified by our bank (RBC), before your diamond / diamond jewellery is considered purchased. If verified funds are not received within the 24 hour hold period, unless you’ve made other specific arrangements with us, the hold on your diamond will be released and it is possible that it may be sold to someone else.
  • If you are paying by credit card, your transaction must be approved by our Merchant Service Provider and the Merchant copy of the Credit Card Transaction Receipt must be signed and returned to us by email or signed by you in person before your diamond / diamond jewellery is considered purchased and we can begin processing your diamond order and/or manufacturing your diamond jewellery. It can take up to 2 business days to verify and clear credit card transactions.