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About Us

Diamond Exchange has the highest quality Diamonds in the world

sourcing from the same international cutters and polishers that supply ultra-high end retailers, like Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co., at the lowest prices in Canada – Guaranteed!

Conflict Free – independently graded

All of our Diamonds are guaranteed to be ethically mined and conflict free, and; the Carat Weight, Colour and Clarity of our Diamonds are independently graded and certified to the strictest diamond grading standards in the world by the largest and most respected, third party, international gem labs (GIA, AGS and IGI). Jewelry stores will often provide their own “in-house” grades and/or local appraisals, as opposed to a respected, independent, international Diamond certification, so they can exaggerate the quality of their diamonds’ colour, clarity and cut.

If your diamond is not as described in the independent grading report and any correspondence from us, with our 14 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, you may return the diamond within 14 days for a full refund or an exchange.

Free Delivery

We offer FREE DELIVERY within Canada to metropolitan areas, and; You have the option of picking up your Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Jewelry direct from our LOCAL OFFICES. You can use our diamond tools and magnifying loupes and you’ll be sitting down with one of our Diamond and Jewelry Experts, who are happy to answer any questions you may have about your Diamonds, Engagement Ring and/or Jewelry, and in the unlikely event of a refund or exchange, we can begin processing your return immediately on the spot.

life-time warranty

Our LIFE-TIME WARRANTY includes FREE re-sizing, repairs, cleaning and re-polishing for the life of your Diamond Exchange Ring, and; We offer a Life-time Upgrade Policy for all GIA Certified, 0.50+ Carats, Very Good, Excellent and Ideal Cut, Round Brilliant, Cushion, Oval, Pear and Princess Diamonds.

personalized service

You’ll never be treated like a number and we’re proud to provide PERSONALIZED SERVICE. Create Your Own Jewelry Design or Customize Your Diamond Setting into a unique work of art that’s been hand-crafted especially for you or your loved one, and; utilize our Diamond Exchange offices for face-to-face consultation and after-sale services.


We specialize in locally manufactured, hand-finished, bespoke Engagement Rings and Jewelry. Our manufacturing facility can create any ring, custom designed and hand-crafted to your specifications, or; we can customize any Engagement Ring or Jewelry style you’ve seen elsewhere. Simply email with some pictures and/or a detailed description of the types of mounts/settings you are interested in and our Diamond and Jewelry Experts would be happy to provide you with a quote.


Diamond Exchange is PROUDLY CANADIAN. Unlike buying from companies based in the U.S.A or internationally, when buying from Diamond Exchange Canada; there are no hidden fees, customs duties or brokerage charges and you do not have to go through the risk and hassle of independently importing your Diamonds or Engagement Ring. Plus; you’ll never have to fill out lengthy export paperwork if you have to return or exchange… or risk not being refunded quickly and in full.
With Diamond Exchange, there’ll always be a Diamond & Jewelry Expert to guide you through the whole process, from initial information and education, through to providing Diamond details, pictures, videos and recommendations, and; throughout the entire after-sale process.

If you have any questions… Just ask! We listen and we LOVE to help!!

PHONE TOLL FREE: 1866-339-9988