Best Prices - Guaranteed!

The Diamond Exchange Lowest Price Guarantee:

We regularly check our prices against our competitors and truly believe we have the best prices in Canada. However, if you're ready to buy and have proof that a competitor in Canada has a lower price for a lab-grown or natural, mined diamond, compared to one on our website of the exact same quality and specifications, please ensure your price match request meets the requirements below, and we'll see if we can match or beat the price.

Simply call our Diamond & Jewelry Experts toll free at +1 (866) 339-9988 and we will review your price match request. In almost every case, Diamond Exchange Canada will have the lowest price in Canada when comparing "apples with apples", but we can typically beat or match the price if a Canadian competitor’s price is lower.

Diamond Exchange Canada's Diamond & Jewelry Experts (not "salesmen") do not work on commission, so we'll always aspire to provide you with the highest quality diamond at the best possible price.

To ensure fairness and equivalency, the diamond being price matched, must be graded by the same international gemological laboratory as the diamond on our website (GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL or GCAL).

We do not price match diamonds that have been locally appraised or graded "in-house" by the company selling the stone, as the quality of in-house grades and local appraisals are inconsistent and often of poor standard.

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Diamond Exchange Canada Terms & Conditions for Our Diamond Price Match Guarantee

The following terms and conditions apply to Diamond Exchange Canada’s price match guarantee:

  1. Only one (1) diamond per customer will be reviewed for Diamond Exchange Canada's Price Match Guarantee. We recommend you've done your research, are ready to buy, and understand the terms & conditions below, before requesting a price match, as multiple pricing reviews will not be performed, whether it's for the same or multiple diamonds, and regardless of the quantity of diamonds being ordered.

  2. If Diamond Exchange Canada agrees to match or beat a competitor's price, we will honor the new price for 24 hours. Diamond Exchange Canada will not perform subsequent price match reviews if the diamond is not purchased within 24 hours of the time we approve matching or beating our competitor's price.

  3. The Diamond Price Match Guarantee offered by Diamond Exchange Canada is valid only prior to the purchase of a diamond. We do not offer price adjustments or price matching once the transaction has been completed. Additionally, returns based on finding a lower price elsewhere are not accepted.

  4. Our Diamond Price Match Guarantee can only be applied once per diamond, even if a lower priced diamond is found after we've approved matching or beating a competitor's price.

  5. To verify the competing price, you must provide our Diamond & Jewelry Experts with:

    a) A copy of the published price (i.e. from a flyer, magazine, etc.) or a link to the competitor's website advertising the diamond price - This cannot be a written quote, or a marketplace / website that compiles listings from multiple retailers, it must be a publicly advertised price from the actual retailer selling the diamond, and;

    b) A copy of the grading report for the competitor's diamond from GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL or GCAL.

  6. The competitor's diamond must have the exact same specifications as a Diamond Exchange Canada diamond, including (but not limited to) carat weight, color, clarity, cut, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, etc., and both diamonds must be graded by the same international gem-lab (GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL or GCAL). Diamond Exchange Canada reserves the right to review your request and decide, in our sole discretion, whether the competitor's diamond is of equivalent specifications and quality.

  7. Diamond Exchange Canada's price match guarantee only applies to diamonds over 0.80 carats sold at: We do not price match rings or jewelry. If the competing diamond is set in a ring or jewelry, it must be: the main / center diamond component; over 0.80 carats; graded independently by GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL or GCAL, and; the price of the main / center diamond must be clearly advertised separately from the setting, so the competing diamond's specifications and price can be verified.

  8. We do not price match second-hand, resold and vintage diamonds. If the competitor's diamond has a GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL or GCAL grading report that is not dated within the last two (2) years, a Diamond Exchange Diamond & Jewelry Expert will use their sole discretion to determine if the competing offer is a new diamond, and we reserve the right to refuse to offer a lower price if we conclude the competitor's price is for a second-hand or a resale diamond.

  9. The competitor must be a Canadian registered business that's headquartered in Canada. We do not price match diamonds being sold by U.S. companies or online retailers based in the U.S.A. (like Blue Nile, James Allen, etc.), or by international companies based in the U.S.A. or overseas.

  10. The competitor's price must be in Canadian (CAD) currency.

  11. Costs for delivery, including applicable duties and taxes, shipping and handling, as well as any other fees charged by our competitor, will be included in the price comparison for the diamonds.

  12. Sold diamonds do not qualify for price matching. The competitor's diamond must be available / in-stock and the lower price must remain in effect at the time Diamond Exchange Canada verifies your price match request.

  13. Our Price Match Guarantee does not apply where the competitor or Diamond Exchange Canada has made a pricing error or typographical error on an diamond.

  14. The competitor's diamond must be available to any member of the public and the price / offer cannot be expired or a unique discount. We do not price match for wholesalers or any individual in the diamond trade.

  15. We do not price match online auctions (i.e.; eBay, kijiji, etc.) or brick and mortar auction sites, or pawn shop prices (online or in-store).

  16. "Buy one, get one" offers, gift certificates, rebates, coupons, bundled products, and other special promotions are not considered when calculating the competitor's price under our Diamond Price Match Guarantee.

  17. We do not price match "Black Friday", "Boxing Day", "door buster", "early bird" or any other time-sensitive sales promotion, nor do we price match quantity-limited events, including (but not limited to) loyalty program, clearance, liquidation, and "going out of business" sales.

  18. The Diamond Exchange Canada price is calculated after any promotional credits, discounts, rebates and gift certificates have been applied to our diamond.

  19. Our price match guarantee cannot be combined with any discounts or promotions from Diamond Exchange Canada, or our competitors.

  20. The Diamond Exchange Price Match Guarantee only applies to purchases for personal use. The Diamond Price Guarantee does not apply to purchases for resale or commercial purposes.

  21. Diamond Exchange reserves the right to verify all information regarding the competing offer and to refuse to offer a lower price, in its sole discretion, if unsatisfied with its ability to verify the competing price.

  22. The Diamond Exchange Price Match Guarantee cannot be combined with any affiliate partner activity of any kind and includes but is not limited to: offers, coupons, loyalty, rebate, or reward partnerships. Stacking of offers on top of the reduced price match is strictly prohibited.

  23. Diamond Exchange reserves the right to: (1) deny requests, (2) modify these terms at any time, and; (3) terminate the Diamond Price Match Guarantee at any time.