Refunds & Return Policy

  • Our Refunds & Return Policy forms part of, and must be read in conjunction with, our Terms of Trade. We reserve the right to change this Refund & Return Policy at any time.

  • Our 14 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee covers you in case the diamond you order is not as described in the independent grading report and any correspondence from us. If you order a diamond and it is not as advertised, you can return it to us for a full refund or an exchange within 14 days.

  • Please ensure to inspect your order and items upon delivery. Should there be any errors or discrepancies, contact us without delay at, and we will endeavor to resolve the issue promptly.

  • To initiate a return, please reach out to our customer service team by emailing for a return request. Without prior contact, we cannot proceed with processing your return, and the responsibility for any lost or stolen items will rest with you.

  • In the event that the diamond, engagement ring or jewellery you ordered is unavailable after your payment has been processed, we will issue a full refund of all amounts paid by you. Alternatively, should you prefer, we will endeavor to find a comparable replacement on your behalf and the full amount paid by you will be applied as credit.

  • Each diamond undergoes a meticulous inspection prior to shipment. In the event that a diamond does not meet our rigorous quality control criteria, we will immediately notify you. You may then choose whether to proceed with the shipment of your order. Should you opt not to, we will either issue a full refund or recommend a suitable replacement, based on your preference.

  • Every engagement ring and piece of jewellery undergoes a thorough inspection before being dispatched to ensure the craftsmanship meets the Diamond Exchange standard. Should there be any unexpected issues with the quality of your ring or jewellery, please contact us without delay at, and we will promptly address any valid concerns without any additional charge to you.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery of the engagement ring / jewellery to our Toronto or Mississauga offices is required and is the customer’s responsibility. Shipping costs (if any) are the responsibly of the customer and will be refunded up to the value of $60.00 upon presentation of a receipt, after the engagement ring / jewellery has been inspected by our manufacturing facility and we confirm there are issues with the quality of workmanship.

  • For approved returns that fall outside the terms listed above and in our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the 3.5% credit card surcharge (only applied to payments made via credit card) is not refundable.

    14 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

      If you purchase a diamond from our website and receive it without a viewing, you are entitled to return the diamond within 14 days of delivery, if it does not correspond with the description in the independent grading report and/or any prior communications with our Diamond & Jewellery Experts.

      Please Note: Our 14-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee is exclusive to diamonds, custom-designed rings and "build a rings", and is conditional upon the following terms and conditions:

      1. For exchanges, there are absolutely no costs to you. You will be credited the full purchase price for your current diamond to the purchase of a new diamond. If your new diamond is less expensive than your current diamond, we will refund any balance owing to you for the difference in price.

      2. Returned diamonds must be in their original, unaltered condition. Our Diamond & Jewellery Experts will verify the authenticity of the goods before any final settlement is made.

      3. Returned diamonds must be accompanied by the ORIGINAL COPY OF THE INDEPENDENT GRADING CERTIFICATE(s) delivered with the stone. Returns not accompanied by all of their original documentation will not be honored.

      4. Diamond Exchange will issue a full refund of the purchase price, including taxes, for returns where the customer opts for a refund without an exchange. The refund is contingent on:

        a) The diamond not being as described in the independent grading report and any correspondence from us.

        b) The diamond being returned within 14 days of the date you receive it, and in the manner specified above.

      5. Shipping costs (if any), bank charges (if any), and for approved returns that fall outside the terms listed in this Refund & Returns Policy, as well as our 14-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, the 3.5% credit card surcharge (which applies solely to payments made via credit card) are non-refundable.

      6. If possible, refunds will be issued in the same method as the original payment, otherwise the refund shall be made in the form of an INTERAC e-Transfer or a company cheque mailed to your nominated address.

      7. Refunds typically take 3 to 5 business days, after we confirm receipt of the returned diamond, and our Diamond & Jewellery Experts verify its authenticity.

      Limitations & Exclusions:

      • The money-back guarantee applies only to diamonds that have been purchased but not physically inspected, except in cases where the diamond is verified to be different from its description at the time of sale.

      • Diamonds that are ordered from our online inventory and subsequently picked-up in person, inspected, and accepted in good condition with a Diamond Exchange Diamond & Jewellery Expert present, are not eligible for return or exchange.

      • For obvious reasons custom made jewellery is excluded from our Refund & Return Policy, however; the quality of workmanship is guaranteed and the main diamond component of the jewellery is covered under the above terms and conditions.

      • Once the customer or their representative has negotiated prices, even within the framework of our Price Match Policy, the diamond is not eligible for return or exchange.