When you order a diamond from Diamond Exchange Canada, we always ship it to you with a reputable, independent grading report from one of the following trusted, third-party, international gemological laboratories: GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL, HRD or GCAL.

We do not grade our diamonds internally, nor do we have any influence on the grading outcomes from these internationally renowned, independent, and rigorous gemological laboratories that certify our diamonds.

The assessment of "Color" and "Clarity" is inherently subjective, with potential variations in opinion among different laboratories / appraisers. Diamond Exchange Canada does not endorse or guarantee any grading report and is not responsible for differing assessments from other labs, institutions, appraisers or individuals.

Similarly, the evaluation of cut quality may vary; some labs may determine a cut grade based on proportions, while others may focus on light performance.

Diamond Exchange Toronto Inc. gives precedence to cut grades that emphasize visual appeal and light performance, which may occasionally differ from proportion-based evaluations.

Many gemological institutions, such as the GIA, grade cut quality exclusively for round brilliant diamonds, they do not grade "Cut" for fancy shapes like cushion, pear, oval, radiant, and emerald, etc. In these instances, our team of Diamond & Jewelry Experts are available to offer our expert opinion on the cut quality of fancy-shaped diamonds. These insights draw upon extensive experience and research into optimal proportions for maximal light performance, conducted by esteemed, independent, gemological entities including GIA and AGS. However, it is important to note that our assessments of cut quality for fancy-shaped diamonds are advisory in nature and do not come with guarantees. Consequently, we cannot offer refunds based on differing opinions regarding the cut grade provided.