The Diamond & Jewellery Exchange

Our Diamond & Jewellery Exchange offers re-sale diamonds and second-hand or antique jewellery for people craving unique pieces that stand out in comparison to the generic mall brands.

This selection of vintage jewellery, re-sale diamonds and engagement rings are carefully curated by our Diamond & Jewellery Experts for customers seeking something unique and special. These are not mass-produced pieces – our Diamond & Jewellery Exchange features statement pieces with history, perfect for someone looking to discover a one-of-a-kind treasure:

If you would like our Diamond & Jewellery Experts to review your diamond, engagement ring and jewellery to see if it qualifies to be listed on our Diamond & Jewellery Exchange; please email with clear, HD pictures of the item(s) you wish to sell, along with all documentation you have appraising or certifying the quality of your diamond, engagement ring and/or jewellery.

The more flattering the pictures you provide us are, and the more clear and legible the appraisal and/or grading certificate is, the better the chances are of us selling your diamond, engagement ring or jewellery.

If your item qualifies to be listed on our exchange, our Diamond & Jewellery experts will provide you with an opinion on the price we would recommend selling your diamond, engagement ring or jewellery for. However, you can authorize us to sell your item at a lower price (for a quicker sale) or a higher price for extra profit.

To advertise on our Diamond & Jewellery Exchange, there is a one-time $50 listing and administration fee.

Once you've set your price and paid the $50 listing and administration fee, we will list your item on our Diamond & Jewellery Exchange, and we'll let you know if we have any solid offers from customers interested in buying.

If you accept an offer, we would then need you to deliver your item to our offices to complete the transaction - Our fee is 16% of the eventual sale price.

PLEASE NOTE: Diamond Exchange makes no guarantees on when, or even if your diamond, engagement ring or jewellery will sell. However, you keep your item with you, so there's no risk or obligation and you still have the option to sell it elsewhere.

Please call our Diamond & Jewellery Experts toll free at 1-866-339-9988 or email if you have any questions, need expert advice, or would like more information.