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Diamond Report Limitations

When you order a diamond from Diamond Exchange, we always ship it to you with a respected, independent grading report from one of the following trusted, third-party, international gemological laboratories: GIA, AGS, IGI and/or EGL USA.

We do not grade our own diamonds, nor do we have any influence whatsoever on the diamond grades provided by the internationally respected, independent and stringent gemological laboratories that certify our diamonds.

The grading of Colour and Clarity is highly subjective and opinions can vary from one laboratory to the other. Diamond Exchange Canada makes no representation or warranty regarding any report, including and not limited to any other laboratory, institution or individual that may have a different opinion to the report supplied with the diamond sold. The grading of cut quality can differ from laboratory to laboratory, some laboratories may assign a cut grade based on proportion and others may assign a grade based on light performance.

Diamond Exchange Toronto Inc. prefers to assign cut grades based on visual and light performance (beauty) which may from time to time differ to reports based on proportion.