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Lifetime Warranty

Diamond Exchange offers a life-time warrantee on all rings and jewellery sold by our company. Our life-time warranty provides FREE re-sizing, cleaning and re-polishing every 12 months for the life of your Diamond Exchange ring / jewellery, and covers most minor repairs (i.e. tightening prongs, repairing dents or scratches), as well as some minor after-market design amendments (i.e. re-setting the diamond higher or lower, slightly adjusting the band thickness). If there are any costs involved for repairs and/or design changes, your Diamond Exchange Customer Service Consultant will provide you with a quote and discuss all the formalities with you.

Please Note: Delivery of the diamond ring / jewellery to our Toronto offices is required and is the customer’s responsibility. Any shipping costs are the responsibly of the customer. Your receipt is your warrantee and is required as proof of purchase.

A re-rhodium plating service is available; however it is not covered by our life-time warranty and costs $88.50 (excl. tax).