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Hello Shaun,

I will absolutely write you guys a fantastic review, I really appreciate the service provided by you and Mike. I asked her on Saturday and she of course said yes…. Thanks again, it was a wonderful experience.

You’re now my “Diamond guy,” This won’t be the last time I use your services.

Eric Kohinski

I am sure to most people, buying a diamond, sight unseen, appears to be both foolish and crazy. Then to top it off you are not just purchasing the diamond, sight unseen, you are actually purchasing it over the internet. You are sending money to someone you have never seen before; even before you have the diamond in your possession. Yet, as scary as this sounds I would do it again in a second.

From the first moment I made contact with Dana, a representative from “DiamondExchange,” I felt very comfortable. Though the time from my first phone call through to the actual diamond purchase was several weeks, I never felt any pressure to buy. In fact, as I described what I was looking for, Dana was very helpful in finding various diamonds for me to evaluate. At first I was concerned that I could not visually see the diamond, but when I had access to the GIA certificates and knew the diamond was laser inscribed, I found I had access to all the information I really needed. This information also helped me to ask smarter questions in jewelry stores and I was soon amazed at the price differences. The diamonds I was looking at from the “DiamondExchange” were of much higher quality and yet were priced substantially lower. This diamond purchase through “DiamondExchange” soon became a matter of “Risk versus Reward”.

To me it was worth taking the risk. And when all is said and done, there really was no risk. The representatives of “DiamondExchange” delivered on every commitment they made. I highly recommend purchasing your next diamond through the “DiamondExchange”. You won’t be disappointed.

Ross Brookhart

Prince George, British Columbia Canada

Dear Michael,

A million thanks for your patience, honesty, expertise and overall willingness to help me find my dream diamond. It was such a breath of fresh air to finally find someone who not only understood exactly what I wanted, but was also willing to help me get exactly what I wanted. Not many vendors were willing to take the time and effort to do this and were perfectly willing to sell me what they had available.

I knew after one phone call to you that I could trust you to be my expert eyes for this search and I felt well-informed at every step and in good hands from start to finish. Your communication was thoughtful and steady and the diamond I received far exceeded my expectations and was priced so much better than lesser stones that were brought in by my local jewelers.

Engagement diamonds are symbolic representations of different things for different couples. Some might find it odd that mine arrived after 7 years of marriage, but someday, when I pass it down to my daughter after many decades of wearing it in happiness, I will tell her that this stone should remind her that delightful things really do come to those who wait, and moreover, it means that I never settled for anything less than my own, personal vision of perfection.

It is a magical service and product that you provide and I hope that many more clients find their way to and your wonderful network of dedicated professionals across the globe.


Audrey Larson

Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Dear Shaun,

My line of work is purchasing. It is what I do, and it is what I know. I know how to set up a good deal and when to walk away from one if it goes sour. Whether you’re buying big-ticket capital items or a diamond the process is the same: Learn the industry, document your requirements and source the deal. Therefore when I started looking for an engagement ring I spent months reviewing the industry, meeting with suppliers and going to various jewellery stores etc. In addition, I also spent considerable amounts of time learning about diamonds through various people and websites. After a rather prolific and somewhat obsessive investigation my research concluded the Diamond Exchange was the way to go. It should also be of interest to note that they came heavily recommended from a friend who just went through the same motions. Now look, I know a good deal when I see one, and this is the best you’ll find. The Diamond Exchange is a reputable agency offering pricing based on your requirements. This was important from my standpoint because the diamond market is an extremely tricky thing. In spite of standards, different agencies can and will grade diamonds differently. Therefore it is important that you specify what agency certification you would like your diamond to have. The Diamond Exchange allows you to do this in addition to specifying the 4 C’s while still providing pricing well below industry average. Their customer service is simply unparalleled. The fact that they put up with me and my shenanigans is in itself a miracle; a true testament to the amazing service they provide. Look the bottom line is: these guys are the real deal.

And if this is not enough, consider the testimony of my now fiancé:

—– —–

Dear Shaun,

I am sorry that it took me so long to write this but as I was looking at my beautiful ring today I knew that I really needed to thank you and let others know what wonderful jewellery and service you provide. Not only do I absolutely love my engagement ring I know that my fiancé is not an easy person to please so you must have gone to great measure to produce exactly what he envisioned for me- and it came out more than fabulous (and he is happy which is a testament to your great work in itself :-). So thank you again, for not only designing such a gorgeous ring but also for having it sized for me so quickly. I appreciate all of your hard work and amazing service.

Katarina Kuruc
Toronto, Ontario

—– —–

Thanks Shaun and Michael for everything. You’ve earned a lifelong customer!


Katarina Kuruc & Hugh Durant

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Good Morning Shaun,

I love my new ring! It is so beautiful – lots of sparkle and shine….I am so very glad that I took the time to work this through and get the diamond that I did. Thank you to both you and Michael for the multiple ‘back and forth’ emails that brought us to the final decision.

When my husband and I started this process, as a 20th wedding anniversary celebration, I began with several diamond sites – flipping between US and Canadian ones – trying to determine diamond prices, etc. and ring styles as well. We went to both large and small retail jewellery stores here in Ottawa and realized that their prices were overly inflated and we didn’t want to pay retail. A friend had recommended your site after they purchased a 1+ carat Canadian Brilliant Ideal cut diamond. I found your site very well constructed and easy to use. You had lots of information that made the process flow smoothly.

Naturally, when it comes to spending large amounts of money “blindly”, we were nervous. As a result of my summer schedule, I was glad that I was able to meet with you in Toronto to see samples of your in stock items, but funnily enough, it was an internet diamond that I went for! I think seeing the amazing quality of what you had available at your office, and learning that the ICE cut diamonds available from the internet would be even more awesome, I had no hesitation going that route. You were so helpful, Shaun, that I felt very confident in making my decision. I would not hesitate to purchase – via the internet – with you again!

It is a scary concept, purchasing sight unseen from the internet. Is it safe? Are they legit? Am I really going to get what is promised? and on and on. As hard as it is to believe, I would very heartily agree that “YES” it is all of the above….and the confident support and service you provided was such a bonus! The ring I designed was a combination of 2 photographs and that was what I received – even better than I was dreaming about. An incredible bonus for me, was that my diamond was independently graded a colour higher than what the ICE grading had rated it as. I bought a “G” but received an “F”! The replacement value estimate is close to 3 times what I paid for the diamond – not bad!

I have recommended you and your site to a few friends and if you want to pass along my email to anyone who is wondering whether or not to go this route, I would be very happy to tell anyone about the process. Thank you for making this experience very smooth and I wish you continued success in your business.


Carolyn Crisp

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

To whom it may concern,

I recently got engaged and purchased a beautiful Diamond ring from Diamond Exchange!

From start to finish the staff at Diamond Exchange made this purchase stress free and seamless. I actually designed my own one of a kind ring and they helped me along the way to understand my options and what would and wouldn’t work to ensure the final product was of the highest quality.

They were always available to answer questions and made me feel very comfortable. This was an extremely large financial purchase for me and a big step but I can definitely say that I would recommend their services to any of my friends and family taking the same big step as me. The final product ended up being the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen and my new fiancée agrees 100%.

She now has random people stopping her in the bathrooms and hallways at her work to ask where she got the ring from!!!!! I shopped around for at least a month before making my decision to go ahead with Diamond Exchange and not only did I get the best service but I also got the best price.

Value and quality with excellent service, now that’s a rare find these days!

Kind Regards and thank you again to all the staff at Diamond Exchange.

Marcin Zalewski

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hey Shaun,

I received the package today and I am more than impressed! Thank you so much for the time you spent with me in making the decision, your patience and advice were greatly appreciated. The whole process was very interesting and informative. Although I knew little of diamonds, I was pleased with the no pressure sales approach and willingness to please demonstrated by you in our consultation. I wouldn’t think of buying a diamond any other way!

Thanks again Shaun, you’ve really made this purchase an easy one for me. I’ll recommend you to anyone who cares to listen.

Thanks as well for the note of congrats and best wishes, I’ll let you know what she says!

Take it easy,

Matt Lessard

Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Good afternoon Michael,

I got it. I truly still cannot thank you guys enough! I was able to ask her last night as planned and she said yes!

She is over the moon with the ring and loves it. It is better than I could ever have imagined. I have attached two pictures for you to see.

As I have told Trevor, I will be passing along you, him, and diamond exchange to everyone I know!

Thank you again, and hope you have a great weekend!

Kind Regards,

Jack Prince

Good Afternoon Michael,

Let me begin, I went to over 5 different wholesalers, about 10 jewelry stores looking with my girlfriend deciding what diamond would be the best bang for my buck. We had heard about the diamond exchange, and their ability to find diamonds of any quality and price.

I gave them a call and sent them an email, and Michael got back to me that same day. I was so impressed with his honesty, knowledge, and patience I did not care about shopping around anymore, I knew right away I would be dealing with Michael from now on.

Not only did he find me a perfect diamond, he provided me with a very fair price, and his professional opinion on the stone. There is a reason why I am writing this letter right now, it is because of Michael, I am telling all my friends and family about this experience, Michael has won my business for life.

If you want to buy a diamond, don’t bother shopping around, save yourself the headaches just deal with Michael at the Diamond Exchange. Trust me I shopped around, got 35 different prices for similar stones, and nowhere near the level of customer service Michael provided me.

Thinking of Diamonds? Think of Michael, he will provide diamond level customer service.

Maybe that should be his slogan, Diamond Exchange we provide a Diamond Level experience!

Paul Santoro

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hi Michael,

Purchasing diamonds today is completely different from a decade ago. In previous generations, when looking for an engagement ring or a diamond for a special occasion, the choice selection is usually limited to what’s available in the local jewelry shop. Often, the choices are limited, the quality is lower, and the prices are higher.

Today, diamonds can be purchased through the Internet, allowing the consumer to access the global market at competitive prices. Purchasing diamonds on the Internet can be intimidating for those who have never made an on-line purchase. For myself, this was the first time I purchased a diamond through the Internet. Friends have told me that diamonds purchased on the Internet are less expensive than retail stores, and this is true. Often, retail stores will mark up prices anywhere from 20-50% and their quality is much lower. They’ll often try to better the deal by offering guarantees such as free cleaning, polishing, and replacement of lost stones. Nevertheless, the prices are marked up and one ends up paying more than what the stones are worth. The benefits of buying diamonds at the local jewelry store is being able to physically see the diamonds and ring before making a decision, making an immediate purchase if the occasion is urgent, and on location service. The disadvantages are limited choices, often lower quality, and higher prices.

I had several concerns with buying diamonds Online. First is the reputation. There is a lot of fraud today on the Internet. Stories are common where people have lost their savings because they have been fooled by fake companies or by people selling poor quality goods. There are several reasons why I made my purchase through Diamond Exchange. First, their website is organized and presents the buyer with detailed descriptions of what a good quality diamond is. The buyer is educated about the 4 C’s and what makes a good quality diamond. Their inventory includes detailed measurements of each diamond from size, angles, symmetry, cut, etc. Second, Diamond Exchange has the Better Business Bureau Accredited Business seal. Only companies that have a history of reliability, accountability, and good management of customer issues are acknowledged. Third, a quick search of diamond forums Online reveals a history of other buyers who have made satisfying purchases through Diamond Exchange. Finally, Diamond Exchange has competitive prices for the diamonds they sell.

The staff at Diamond Exchange has left me with a good impression. They are very helpful and will follow up with any questions and concerns. For instance, if you were to look for matching diamonds such as for ear rings or for side stones, they have the ability to quickly look through their inventory to find what you need. Or if you have a particular stone with certain specifications, they will be glad to assist.

One concern I had with making an Online purchase is the inability to physically see the stones before making a purchase. Thus, the 30 day return policy is a good policy because this allows the buyer to physically see the stones after the purchase and still have 30 days to decide whether or not he/she is pleased with them.

Secondly, I highly recommend the ICE Ideal Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Diamonds exhibiting the Hearts and Arrows pattern when combined with an ideal cut have been show to provide maximum light return to the viewer’s eye. An ICE Ideal cut diamond is one that has been hand pre-selected to be one that exhibits outstanding brilliance. This is important. Through much research into the concept of an “ideal cut” diamond, ultimately, it’s the visual assessment that is the most important. While there are many machines developed today that measures leakage and light return of diamonds, pixel measurements and readings are not identical to the overall visual appearance. Angles and measurements alone do not indicate whether or not a diamond is beautiful. However, diamonds that have been hand selected as being beautiful means that people within the trade can visually see a difference in these diamonds and have identified them as being outstanding.

Among the Ideal+ inventory of diamonds, these includes ICE Ideal diamonds, and ICE Ideal Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Which should you choose? Ultimately, in the end, it’s the buyer’s preference. Some like a more randomized pattern of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Others like this to be more calculated and organized. ICE Ideal diamonds are likely to be considered beautiful because they have been pre-selected through a visual process. However, ICE Ideal Hearts and Arrows diamonds are suggested
to be the most brilliant. Of note, the hearts and arrows pattern is
visible to the naked eye in some lighting conditions, and this pattern is appealing to some while others may prefer not to see it. Personally, I like this pattern because it becomes a visual guarantee of symmetry and cut.

I was very pleased with my purchase. My ICE Ideal Hearts and Arrows diamond is very brilliant and much more beautiful than the poorer quality stones that retailers try to sell me at the store. Some local jewelers are not happy with consumers making purchases Online instead of through them, but if you shop wisely, you can make excellent purchases at competitive prices. My only recommendation to the buyer would be to do your research. Understand what type of diamond you’re looking for and what budget you’re working with. Often, there are so many choices it may be hard to decide which diamond to pick. If you do your research and make a wise choice, you’ll be happy with your purchase. The staff are also very helpful should you have concerns. I will likely consider making future purchases again from Diamond Exchange and will be referring my friends to them.

Daniel Y.

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

My name is Shane and I recently purchased a diamond engagement ring from the diamond exchange.

I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about buying online, but I was proved wrong when I finally decided to go with the diamond exchange. Needless to say I did a lot of shopping around and when it came down to it the diamond exchange had the best price, my stone was appraised for close to double what I paid for it. Price aside, most importantly the quality of the stone I received was exceptional and the service I received from Shaun was excellent. My now fiancée (and everyone she shows it off too) absolutely loves the ring and stone. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Thanks again for everything.

Shane Krick

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello, Good Morning everyone,

I just wanted to get an email to everyone who helped me at Diamond Exchange over the past month. I would like to say Thank You for all your help and expertise in helping me choose the perfect ring! My fiancée and I couldn’t be happier.

Once I spoke with Shaun back in December I knew I was dealing with professional, courteous and helpful people that I couldn’t find anywhere else. It made my decision to come back to Diamond Exchange after I had saved up enough an extremely easy one to make. Dana did an excellent job helping me through it all and helping me through all the little questions I brought up. I really appreciate the friendly communication from everyone in regards to all my questions, your expertise is very evident and very comforting.

Once again, Thank You to everyone who helped, this time in a guy’s life is sometimes not the easiest, but with people like you, it makes it a lot less stressful. Having a ring that I was confident she was going to love made the whole process much easier.

Your great prices, excellent knowledge and friendly service make Diamond Exchange an excellent choice to purchase an engagement ring, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you all to anyone!


James Lutz

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Hello Shaun…

Well sir, it has been a crazy few weeks of planning and hunting for a venue for the big day. Through all of this I have been meaning to drop you a line to thank you yet again.

You can definitely use my email as a reference:

One of the things that impressed me the most about the Diamond Exchange was their approach to sales. There was no “hard sell” like I found at other smaller diamond shops.

When you arrive at the Diamond Exchange in Toronto, you are escorted to a private, professional office to talk one-on-one with a sales associate. You are free to ask any and all questions, (-no matter how dumb, stupid or complicated) as they will be answered patiently and professionally.

In the beginning I had no intention of ordering a stone online. Or, I was at least leery of the idea. When the Diamond Exchange Toronto did not have what I was looking for in their on-site inventory, Shaun was able to assist me in searching for the perfect stone in their Online inventory. So as it turns out, I did actually buy online. -BUT with the assistance of Shaun and a 30 day money-back guarantee, I knew it was a safe bet.

The last thing I would say is that nobody is perfect. Lightning DOES strike. Problems can occur. There was an extremely rare problem in the order that I had placed. Before I could even get mad about it, the team at Diamond Exchange Toronto were one step ahead of me, making sure that “the big night” went on as planned. What they did to correct their error was way beyond what any other company would do. This sort of “above and beyond the call of duty” service is what makes me recommend Diamond Exchange to anybody who is in the market for purchasing a stone.

Thank you Shaun. Thank you Diamond Exchange Toronto.

Ryan Ruskay

Toronto, Ontario Canada